A brief history of Saaf

Saaf, which means Pure in Persian, was created in 2004 when Dr Mah, a qualified pharmacologist with a fascination for natural remedies, decided to train as a homeopath and try her hand at making her own balms for herself and her family.

Born out of a frustration with other skincare manufacturers tendency to “greenwash”, Dr Mah wanted to know the products she was using on her skin, and that of her two young twins, were as pure and honest as they possibly could be.

From the first balm Dr Mah concocted for her mum, she’s insisted on using only the finest, natural, organic ingredients. 

The combination of a scientific mind and approach, with a focus on nature has led to the creation of a wide range of products to suit most skin types.

Ultimately Dr Mah wanted the Saaf range to be effective, luxurious and affordable whilst in line with her belief in purity.

Today Saaf products are renowned for their gently caring, deeply nourishing and protective prescriptions.

To learn more about Dr Mah and her passion for "all things natural" click here.

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