Pretty Not Included Blogger Loves Saaf

June 9th, 2012 by Sophy

“a new love: Saaf Skincare

Once I’ve finished a product, I’ve always been one to happily jump onto something new, perhaps within a different brand. Over the last two months, I’ve been trying out a couple products from Saaf Skincare and what with them being featured in favourites posts so soon, I can safely say that this is a brand I’m going to settle with for a long time.

Saaf is a natural skincare brand with products made from only pure and organic ingredients. They have products to suit all skin types ranging from daily skincare needs to body care and a handful that are designed to target specific skin concerns. What I love is that you can pretty much count over both hands the number of ingredients in each product. This page of their website is my favourite as it lists all the key ingredients they use with their benefits. It’s an interesting read.

Pure Face Cleanser (£25.95)

A solid cleanser suitable for all skin types that works to remove even waterproof make up as well as putting moisture back into the skin. I use this as the second step in my double cleansing routine and it really works to remove any remaining evidence of make up whilst polishing off the skin to a clean and slightly glowing complexion. With clean hands, I rub my finger tips into this solid balm and then smooth all over the face. Then, using one of their organic cloths, I run it under warm water and then in light circular motions, use it to remove the cleanser which takes the day’s dirt along with it.

I’ve tried using a Liz Earle muslin cloth with this but I don’t think it gives the same effect. The texture of the organic cloths work nicer to polish the skin in my opinion and I feel they work better in cleansing. I will definitely be purchasing a pack of these. Although the jar isn’t the lightest, I still think it would be good for travelling as it’s a solid cleanser and with water at hand, there will be no foamy faffing around over a sink. wink

Ultimate Moisture Face Serum (£29.99)

A rich and nourishing serum that’s perfect for dry or ageing skin. It’s surprisingly very light and doesn’t leave behind any oily residue or shine to the skin. My skin has been changing in the last 4/5 months and I’ve been seeing an abundance of annoying dry patches appearing. I use this serum only on those areas and my skin literally sucks it up like a plant. I tend to use this at night but it’s good for the mornings too and doesn’t affect the application of make up on top. I’ve been using the sample size for over a month now and it’s still going strong so I do believe that a full size bottle will last ages!

Eraser Body Oil (£35.99)

As the name suggests, this is perfect for all over body use to reduce stretch marks and protect against sun tan. However, it’s also great for fading scars and reducing hyper pigmentation, that can be on the face too. Now, at first I thought well, I have Bio Oil so what’s the big deal? But truth be told, I have been using Bio Oil for years and it doesn’t make much of a difference for me. Granted,  my acne was still out in full force but even in the early months of this year the Bio Oil just wasn’t making a difference. I started using this on my cheeks before bed and after 3 weeks I started to notice a difference. The redness has definitely reduced and the scarring on the right side of my face is fading nicely. Hopefully, the left side will start to clear up soon too. Again, I’ve been using a sample size of this product (9ml) and after 2 months I’m still not even approaching the half way mark.

Apologise for the very long post today. I just had so much to say but I guess that reflects just how much I’m into this brand! Their complexion boosting serum and hydrating face and lip balm are the products I’ve been eyeing up recently. Hopefully, I’ll have a story for you all on those in the coming months.

Have you tried any Saaf Skincare products?
Do any of these products interest you?