Saaf Skincare Advice for Problematic Skin

February 18th, 2012 by Sophy

All of our products are suitable for sensitive skin, as they are completely naturally derived.
Always start with the Saaf Pure Face Cleanser, a soothing and balancing balm cleanser for those of you with problematic skin. The balm texture may be new to you, but after a week of using it, you’ll see amazing results.

If you only want one product, try the Saaf Complexion Boosting Serum. This has been dubbed the “miracle” product. It may seem unusual to try oil on problematic skin but this serum balances oily skin, clears breakouts, smoothes away blemishes and generally improves skin tone and texture.

A product that works in a similar way to the Complexion Boosting Serum, but for your body, is the Saaf Eraser Body Oil. This product really is Nature’s correction fluid in a bottle. It contains Rosehip Seed Oil which is known to effectively reduce uneven pigmentation and the appearance of raised scar tissue, along with Safflower Oil which soothes skin irritations while increasing the moisture content of the skin.