Inspired Organics

February 2nd, 2008 by Sophy

Inspired Organics
February 2008
Saaf is Splendid Skincare!
I usually like to give products about a month of usage to see some results, but occasionally there are some really great ones that show their true colours within days!
Saaf is one of them. I have been using the Organic Eraser Oil for nearly a week now, mainly on my tummy which has some stretch marks.  I put it on at bedtime, and normally after a shower, your skin will stay soft with an oil for a few hours perhaps. This one, my skin is still soft at the end of the next day! It is really fantastic. I’m also using the Organic Ultimate Moisture Serum on my face, which does appear brighter and more even toned. I have some discoloration and thread veins in paces dues to pregnancies and honestly my skintine does seem more even. I thought at first the serum might be too heavy for my skin, but the beauty is a little goes a long way and that also justifies the price for me as I know it will last for a while. For me, products like these are truly healing for the skin, so the benefit is there, not only while you are using the products. I highly recommend this line and look forward to trying more of their products.