February 8th, 2012 by Sophy

Sublime welcomes Dr. Mah Hussain-Gambles, founder of Saaf Pure Skincare.
“The rise of organic skincare using oils and balms is seen as an innovation, yet for centuries our ancestors all over the world used these traditional products to beautify their skin The use of facial oils has become a dying art due to the modern invention of the ‘cold cream’, or cream moisturizer as we know it.  Yet common sense dictates that the right blend of oils is not only beneficial to health (whatever you put on your skin is likely to be absorbed into your body), but that using a moisturizer typically made up of between 5% and 15% oil and the rest water, equates to consumers paying a lot of money for tap water. Oils and balms will go a long way compared to a typical water-based moisturizer.
How to tell is you are paying a premium price for water? Look at the ingredients list on the product: if water at or near the top (ingredients are listed in order of most, first and least, last) then that will give you a clue.
Sadly, even using organic skincare doesn’t guarantee you the best; many products contain some certified-organic ingredients- along with a cocktail of other chemicals. A recent scientific study in the US highlighted that many ‘organic’ skincare products were contaminated with a cancer causing chemical known as 1-4 Dioxane. The solution is either to buy products with chemicals in them and expect that they may not do you as much good, or only buy certified-organic skincare. The best certification body I have come across is the UK Soil Association standard. If the product is not stamped with their logo, then in my opinion it’s not worth paying the extra for so-called ‘organic’ skincare.
One of the reasons why oil and balm skincare products have lost their appeal is because they tend to be too oily. But they may not have been formulated correctly. In the manufacture of Saaf Pure Skincare products , I have spent many years sourcing the right type of oils, which will not leave a residue behind. There are rare oils available with a very similar chemical structure to the skin’s own sebum. Saaf products use these rare oils, which are absorbed quickly into the skin leaving only a soft, natural sheen behind, ensuring the skin is totally cleansed, moisturized and fed with the right nutrients.”
Dr. Mah Hussain-Gambles.