Eraser Body Oil

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Nature’s correction fluid in a bottle, this impressive toning and smoothing oil is a skin-saving formulation.

It contains a high percentage of Rosehip Seed Oil which is known to effectively reduce uneven pigmentation and the appearance of raised scar tissue, along with Safflower Oil which soothes skin irritations while increasing the moisture content of the skin.

Both nourishing and protective, Organic Eraser Body Oil promotes healthy skin renewal, guards against scarring, calms irritated, itchy skin and helps keep skin supple and smooth. 

Ideal for:

  • All skin types - especially pregnant and post pregnancy skin
  • Preventing the development and reducing the appearance of stretch marks
  • Soothing away hyper pigmentation
  • Old scars
  • Protecting the skin from the effects of a sun tan

Safflower Oil is mentioned in ancient Egyptian texts and was used to heal old wounds. It is easily absorbed by the skin due to its high linoleic acid content and leaves no greasy residue. It soothes skin irritations, increases the moisture content of the skin, so it is particularly good for sensitive skin.

Rosehip Seed Oil helps to reduce pigmentation and raised scar tissue by promoting healthy skin renewal, even on old scars. It also aids cell regeneration and boosts collagen and elastin to create smoother, firmer skin.

Mandarin essential oil helps ease and repair scars, spots and stretch marks and gives Eraser Body Oil its lovely citrus fragrance.



Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil*, Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Fruit Oil*, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Citrus Nobilis (Mandarin Orange) Peel Oil*, Linalool1, Limonene1

* certified organic ingredient
1 natural constituents of essential oils listed

Apply liberally over your body and massage in

Rehydrates and smells likes a spa treatment!

Obviously my stretch marks won't be removed within just a week, but even after the first application my skin felt soooo soft, and even when I got up the next morning it was still the same. I have really noticed a change to the texture of my skin, particularly my stomach, as this is where I have concentrated on applying it most.

I can definitely say it really helps return moisture back to the skin, and I imagine this itself can help fade scars and marks.

The Eraser Oil looks and smells like something you would get in a spa or beauty rooms

I would recommend this to anyone who is pregnant or still recovering from your pregnancy, as I think it can give your body the nourishment that the baby drains out of you during those 9 months (not to mention the amazingly dry hands you get from washing your hands every 5 minutes during those first few months with your newborn due to everything having to be sterile). I am just gutted that I didn't have a product like this during pregnancy, because maybe I would have had less of those dreaded stretchies!

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I kept touching my arms as they felt so soft.

When I first saw the Eraser Body oil I was really impressed, the bottle and packaging gave the SAAF Eraser Body Oil a luxurious look. I knew that if the Eraser Body Oil was half as good as the packaging I would be on to a winner.

From the first use the SAAF Eraser Body Oil helped my skin, I kept touching my arms as they felt so soft.

I was very impressed with the results of using the SAAF Eraser Body Oil and Face Serum my skin felt softer, looked healthier. I would definitely recommend the SAAF Skincare range.

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Has it worked to reduce my saggy skin look? Yes!

Has it worked to reduce my saggy skin look? Yes, I actually think it has. I really wish now that I had taken some before and aftershots, but when I considered it at the time I really didn't think people wanted to see pictures of my fat saggy belly skin! I have been using it for four weeks now and will continue to use it until it's all gone. If I do manage to get pregnant again I would definitely put this on my birthday wish list too!

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Saaf Eraser Body Oil is perfect. It has a pump action and the oil is not too greasy - I could apply it and then get dressed without worrying too much about it getting onto my clothes.

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The best oil I've used in pregnancy!

The citrus smell from the mandarin is just divine. I have totally fallen in love with this product and by far the best oil I have used in the pregnancy so far. From first use it made my skin feel much smoother and hydrated. I don't itch as much using this oil throghout the day as like some of others I have used, which have needed me to put more on. This oil goes though the day lovely without any more application until I go to bed.
I have noticed the appearance of my old stretchmarks from my last pregnancy and from teenage growth have appeared to have faded and much smoother too. I look forward to seeing results are my baby is born

I have used oils in the pregnancy from self selection and premium beauty that have been of similar size quanity but seem to use up quite quick and not as great on the skin like this one.

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Definite recommendation for mums

From after a weeks use you was able to see amazing results from the Saaf Eraser Body Oil. The stretch marks had been clearly reduced from the daily use of the oil.

I would definitely recommend this product to Mums to be or anyone with stretch marks or scars.

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Really impressive results!

The results were really impressive and with just a week of trying the Saaf Eraser Body Oil, my skin feels a lot more supple and toned.  I used primarily on my thighs and stomach area and this left my skin feeling really smooth and soft to touch and definitely looks more radiant and bright rather than dull and dry as it did before.  This has definitely helped to improve my confidence in my skin and I look forward to see more results in the coming weeks.

Saaf Eraser Body Oil is a great product to improve skin tone especially on stretchmarks whether through pregnancy or weight gain and give your skin back a healthy glow to help boost body confidence.

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Perfect for summer!

This oil smells absolutely delicious very citrusy…  It makes my skin feel smooth and is great for dry patches. This is a great product for preparing your body for the summer months.

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Beautiful scent and tighter skin!

I'm not sure if the photos [see blog link below] do it justice but I can see AND feel a huge difference. The skin feels tighter and the stretch marks don't feel as deep.

I would definitely recommend this to any mums-to-be as a pre-emptive strike or to new mums as a way of reducing any stretch marks that they may have.

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Great for reducing stretch marks! (Amazon Review)

"I've been using it for several months now and not only has the quality of my skin improved but it is also helping to reduce the stretch marks on my thighs and bum."

"The oil smells lovely too, of citrus, i think it's mandarin. You don't need to use much at a time so it's good value for money."

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A gorgeous body oil for beautifully soft skin! (Amazon Review)

"The smell reminds me of relaxing in a spa after a massage... and this oil leaves me feeling the same!"

"I am always sceptical of products that promise to reduce the appearance of old scars, but this really works!"

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A Treat for Dry Skin!

'My newest skincare find is going down a treat, if you've got dry skin this Saaf body oil is great & smells of mandarin'

Fiona, Manchester

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