Organic Exfoliating Face Cloths

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Saaf’s organic face cloths gently exfoliate, helping to give the skin a radiant glow.

Cleanse, exfoliate and protect the planet in one clean sweep. With Saaf eco-friendly cleansing cloths, you’ll wake up your complexion and promote a radiant glow. Our reusable cloths are made from 100% organic Turkish cotton and they’re specially designed with a unique netting technology to absorb impurities while cleansing. Teamed with Saaf Organic Pure Face Cleanser, you’ll effectively remove dirt and make-up, while the Clean Sweep cloth gently exfoliates the skin with its natural fibres and deeply cleanses pores to reveal fresher, softer skin.


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  • 100% Organic Cotton Face Cloths:

    • 2 Face Cloths per pack
    • 100% organic Turkish cotton
    • Machine washable and reusable


    Saaf Clean Sweep dries far more quickly than a regular terry face cloth or flannel, helping prevent bacteria forming, which means it’s a more hygienic option.


    • Saaf Clean Sweep Organic Face Cloths are so easy to use. Simply rinse under warm water and wring out. Massage your skin in upward, circular movements to gently remove dead skin cells and lift away impurities and make-up. Then rinse out and allow to dry naturally. Saaf Clean Sweep dries far more quickly than a regular terry face cloth or flannel, helping prevent bacteria forming, which means it’s a more hygienic option.

  • Reviews
    1. 5 out of 5
      (verified owner)

      Ok, so I don’t normally write reviews but I have literally fallen in love with these cloths. I have really problematic skin and suffer from regular breakouts. Hence why proper cleansing and exfoliating is really important to me. I have realised a while ago that I need cloths/brush, etc. to help with cleansers. I have tested konjac sponge, flannel cloths, cotton clothes and I could say that they were alright at the best. But there was no result I expected. Then I found Saaf – I got know about brand after getting body balm (which is absolutely amazing) as a present – I have had a look on offers and found cloths. I thought I really like the material and they way they are made and bought them with really high hopes. After first use I though – these are the ones. I wish I have discovered them years ago. They are great to exfoliate the skin and remove all dirt – no matter whether it is just cleansing face after sleep or whether it is removing make up. The exfoliation is gentle (that is why I can easily use them every day) but really effective – my face has literally never felt smoother and cleaner after wash. It feels amazingly clean and soft. I honestly can’t imagine my cleansing routine without these cloths. Also, they are cruelty free and organic. What I have noticed they really dry very quickly and this is really important for me from hygiene point of view – a lot of cloths I had previously were drying very long time which always made them smell a bit damp. Saaf – thank you for this amazing product. I am definitely going to get more of them for my family and friends! xx

      • Wow, thanks for such a wonderful review! The cloths really are lovely to use, I have loads at home and always pack a couple if I am going on holiday! Thanks again, Jo at Saaf

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