Saaf - Passionate about Purity

The natural world is a pharmacopeia of incredibly potent, skin-supporting ingredients and many of Saaf’s active ingredients, such as Rosehip, Black Seed, Safflower and Neem Oils have been used for centuries in different cultures across the world. This ancient learning, coupled with an advanced understanding of modern-day pharmacology, makes Saaf products beautiful.

Saaf skincare uses the finest organic, natural ingredients chosen for their contribution to the formulations.

These organic ingredients also provide a natural source of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, resulting in highly concentrated products that provide skin with a beautifying effect.


Saaf’s formulations contain over 95% Organic ingredients, and each of Saaf’s products are certified Organic by the UK’s Soil Association.This Organic claim is a by-product of our strive for purity.

Saaf’s products are 100% Natural; free from artificial fragrances and colourings, free from common allergens and irritants, as well as being Alcohol, GMO & Irradiation free and Halal approved.

We are proud to be certified Cruelty Free by Naturewatch and Cruelty Free International, as well as certified by the Vegetarian Society.

Our Serums and Oils are also registered Vegan making Saaf Skincare one of the most highly accredited skincare ranges in the world.

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